Many homes along the Jersey Shore are built on a crawlspace that is often out of sight and out of mind.

Consequently, a crawlspace can be a homeowner's unseen, forgotten nightmare.  Small leaks, moisture, and occasional water intrusion can go unnoticed and have some damaging consequences. Moisture is a key element that creates a conducive environment for mold and wood-destroying insects to thrive. 

Crawlspace Solutions is the leading crawlspace & mold specialist throughout the Jersey Shore. As such, we possess the competence to assess your crawlspace issues with a trained eye.


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Starts with a healthy crawlspace environment


Mold Removal & Prevention

Mold-care with Bora-care Treatment

Mold-care with Bora-care is an effective residual application solution that breaks down organic decay fungi and kills wood-destroying insects.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting 

Disinfectant Sanitizer Virucide (DSV) Treatment

For an effective sanitizing and disinfecting solution that kills germs, bacteria, and organic decay fungi on contact.

Odor Control & Removal

BacAZap Treatment

BacAZap kills bacteria causing odor on contact and refreshes the environment so you won't have to deal with musty smelly odors rising into your living space.


Crawlspace & Attic Services


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Attic Insulation

Attic Clean-outs
Sanitizing & Disinfecting
Attic Insulation & Mold Treatments

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Crawlspace Insulation

Floor Insulation, Side Wall Insulation, Perimeter Insulation & Pipe Insulation

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Vapor Barrier

Crawlspace Encapsulation
Full Range of Vapor Barriers
Waffle Barriers & Felt Barriers

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SMART Flood Vents

Automatic Smart Flood VentsHelp Reduce Your Flood Insurance Premiums for Flood Zone Regions

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Custom Doors, Covers, & Wells

Custom Crawlspace Doors & Covers. Made with 3/4" Azek vinyl material for superior quality & durability.

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Temp-Vents are automatic crawlspace vents that open and close according to temperature.





Our process is simple, we provide a complete crawlspace assessment service in order to offer you our professional recommendations based on the specific environmental conditions present in your crawlspace.


All inspections are assessed by the owner, who is devoted to every project from beginning to end. With over 35 years of experience, he possesses in-depth knowledge through ongoing training and onsite experience. Rest assured there are no salesmen, pressure, or scare tactics here. 

All recommendations are strictly based on assessing and identifying the underlying issues present in your crawlspace, in order to help you make an informed decision. We tailor our crawlspace solutions to your specific crawlspace needs. Our services are fairly priced and competitive for the quality of service we provide. We are a reputable company known by our customers as reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. 


Don't believe us? Check out our reviews. For the number of years we have been in business, we have ZERO customer complaints filed on the Better Bureau Business ( or elsewhere for that matter. We stand by our work and offer a lifetime warranty.


Start your crawlspace project right and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us to become an educated consumer. Because knowledge is key.  And that's why making a good decision starts with becoming an informed consumer. 


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