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AFTER: Crawlspace Encapsulated
BEFORE: Crawlspace Encapsulation
AFTER: Crawlspace Encapsulation
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Because a Healthy Crawlspace is a
Happy Healthy Home

Many homes throughtout the Jersey Shore have full or partial crawlspaces that posses an ideal environment for mold, fungus, pests, termites, and bacteria growth.  Crawlspaces can be a homeowner's unseen, forgotten nightmare.  Small leaks, condensation, and occasional flooding can go unnoticed but are a very attractive environment for pests.  


Crawlspace Solutions are trained specialists that can identify these issues by analyzing your crawlspace with a comprehenisve inspection, at no charge to you. Once we identify the root of the problem, we can begin to change the environment by implementing a series of green solutions that is tailored to your specific needs and budget. 


Below are some of the application solutions we have implemented throughout the years, which have proven to be successful each and every time.  These products have been carefully selected based on impact and effectiveness.   

Let our years of expertise provide you with accountable reliable service you can trust!

With over 35 years of dedicated service, we proudly service our customers with the skills and expertise of hands-on experience and technical application acquired over the years.  Our customers know that they can rely on us for spot-on knowledge and reliable solutions. 
We have developed an extensive list of services that meet all your crawl space needs from crawl space mold removal, implementing moisture control systems through the use of energy efficient products; such as insulation and vapor barrier, to pest control services under one umbrella.
So look no further, we are the Jersey Shore's Top Leading Crawl Space Specialists with thousands of satisfied customers in Monmouth, Ocean & Atlantic Counties.  Let our reviews speak for themselves.

Bora-care® with Mold-care®
Professional Mold Removal & Prevention Chemical Application Treatment
Crawlspace Solutions - Mold Removal, Insulation & Pest Control

Licensed chemical applicators in the State of New Jersey


One of the most effective solutions we offer to remove mold/mold-like substance, fungi, bacteria, & wood decay is by utilizing Bora-care® with Mold-care®. This solution not only rid of these issues but also helps prevent them from growing back.  

Lower Your Flood Insurance
Replace all your existing crawlspace vents with SMART flood vents and SAVE
SMART Foundation Flood Vents - Lower Flood Insurance

SMART VENT® Foundation Flood Vents

FEMA Accepted


Flood vents protect a property located in a flood zone area by preventing water pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations.  


SMART VENT Flood Vents are certified to meet all Building Codes, FEMA Regulations, and NFIP Flood insurance Requirements and have helped lowered flood insurance to thousands of homes nationwide. 



Price match guarantee limited to professional licensed and insured competiting contractor(s). Price match must be of same service(s) and/or product(s) offered by competitor.  Must provide competitors quote in order to match or beat the price.  


Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

To receive a crawlspace evaluation with a no-obligation estimate, call us today!

A quote will be provided over the phone unless you would prefer to schedule a crawlspace inspection.

For all crawlspace inspection services, a service inspection fee applies and may be deducted from the total project cost. 


A free estimate is available over the phone provided that the total sq. ft. of the crawlspace/attic is available. For an accurate estimate, please feel free to schedule your crawlspace inspection. Inspections start at $175 (plus tax) - no inspection report included or $250 (plus tax) with an inspection report. 

Please note, all crawlspace inspection reports are billed in advance and are provided with an itemized estimate via email. All real estate transactions will incur an inspection fee starting at $250 (plus tax) up to 1400 sq ft, includes a complete inspection report with a coordinating estimate.

Fees are to be paid in advance prior to scheduling inspection. (Click here for more info)


We provide a complete Crawlspace Service Report with job completion of all service work indicated within the service agreement. 

This report is included with the cost of service work and normally provided within 24-48 hours of job completion. 

A Crawlspace/Attic Service Report normally includes before and after images documented upon project completion.