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Drainage Mat

A drainage mat is a dimple mat, also called a waffle barrier, that allows water to drain through the mat in order to seep into the ground. This is ideal in flood zones, crawlspaces with periodic water intrusion, and crawlspaces that have rough ground, such as concrete or gravel. A drainage mat complements your vapor barrier system and helps protect your investment.

Improves Drainage

For crawlspace water issues. Serves to direct water in the ground or drainage system.

Water Pressure Resistance

Offers good resistance to water pressure and provides a chamber of air between the matting and the surface.

Protects Vapor Barrier System

For the long-lasting durability of your investment. Helps guard against tears due to hard ground surfaces or uneven surfaces due to gravel.

Drainage Mat

Vapor Barrier

Moisture Control & Energy Efficient Products

Vapor Barrier 6 Mil

A 6 mil vapor barrier is a light polyurethane that is installed by staking on the ground floor of the crawlspace. This is generally utilized when the crawlspace has exposed dirt ground with little to no moisture issues within. A vapor barrier should be installed when insulating the floors as the barrier helps prevent moisture from rising up from the ground and adds an extra layer of protection.

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Vapor Barrier 8 Mil

An 8 mil Diamondback vapor barrier is a string reinforced polyurethane that is mold resistant and durable. This offers the best solution in combating moisture issues in a crawlspace that range from mild to severe. An 8 mil vapor barrier can be installed on the ground only, several inches from the ground, creating a border effect, or utilized to enclose the entire crawlspace, called crawlspace encapsulation.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a process that involves encapsulating the crawlspace by installing a diamondback vapor barrier on the exterior sidewalls, ground, and support columns. This is the best solution to help eliminate or reduce moisture content in the crawlspace that creates a conducive environment for mold growth. Encapsulating the crawlspace also increases a home's value by up to 3%.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Diamondback Vapor Barrier

Double String Reinforced & Mold Resistant

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation

What does the term mean?

Crawlspace encapsulation is a term that describes the process of implementing a complete vapor barrier system on the sidewalls and ground in order to keep moisture out. This seals out the elements, including humidity and water from entering into the crawlspace cavity, which creates a conducive environment for mold growth and wood-destroying insects to thrive.

The Encapsulation Process

Crawlspace Encapsulation Method

Crawlspace Encapsulation is a process that should be performed by trained professionals with experience.  As crawlspace specialists, we have encapsulated thousands of residential and commercial properties throughout the Jersey Shore. The process begins with: 


  1. Cleaning out the crawlspace and preparing the ground by either leveling or installing a drainage waffle barrier.

  2. Seal off all the crawlspace vents or insulate the side walls with sidewall insulation.

  3. Taping and sealing the sidewalls, support columns, and ground floor with a Diamondback mold-resistant vapor barrier.  

The Benefits

Moisture Control & Energy Savings

The main benefits are that it seals off pests and warm air from entering the crawlspace.  This protects your wood structures by preventing structural issues that stem from wood-destroying insects and mold growth.


Additionally, it helps prevent cool air from escaping in the summer and heat loss during the winter.  

  • Prevents Mold Growth & Wood Rot

  • Keeps Pests Away

  • Seals Out Odors

  • Offers Additional Storage Space

  • Improves Homes Air Quality

  • Increases the Comfort of Your Home

  • Reduces Energy Costs

  • Increase homes' value by up to 3%!

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