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CrawlspaceSolutiuonsNJ - Remediation Services

Mold, Disinfecting, &
Odor Control Solutions

Organic Decay Fungi, Bacteria, Odors, & Contamination Treatments

Mold-like Substance - Organic Decay Matter Documented by CrawlspaceSolutionsNJ

Mold Treatment & Prevention

Moldcare with Boracare is an organic chemical application that breaks down fungi decay substances to effectively treat all wood structures and prevents wood damage or decay.

DebrisDocumented by CrawlspaceSolutionsNJ

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Solutions

DSV is a disinfecting & sanitizing solution that kills fungi, bacteria, and contamination on contact.
Rotten Floor Insultion & Slug on Ground

Odor Treatment & Removal

BakAZap helps to breakdown bacteria causing odors stemming from water leaks,floodwater contamination, or pest infestation.
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Crawlspace Inspection Service

Due to the nature of the issues referenced above, a thorough crawlspace inspection service will be required to properly assess and identify issues present in the crawlspace. It is imperative to seek professional advice to obtain the best solution for your specific needs as proper treatment can be very costly.


Therefore, by contacting us, Crawlspace Solutions - crawlspace and mold specialists since 1987, you can rest assured that you are obtaining the most thorough assessment to help guide you in the right direction.

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