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SMART Flood Vents

Attention to Detail

SMART Vents, however, are quite different in terms of functionality than Temp-Vents®.  SMART Vents are flood venting systems that are manufactured specifically in areas where flooding occurs most.  SMART Vents are flood vents that are considered FEMA compliant flood vents and are accepted by most insurance carriers that can help lower your flood insurance.

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Authorized Flood Vent Installer

Flood vents help protect a property located in a flood zone area by preventing water pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations.  Since Hurricane Sandy, the flood zones for most properties along the Jersey Shore have changed.  

Insurance policies now require flood insurance on homes that either never needed it or were not at risk for flooding prior to this event.  Since Sandy, the flood plains have changed making homeowners within the expanded flood zone areas, looking for ways to reduce their flood insurance premiums.

There are many methods that we utilize depending on the way the home is built and the flood zone location.  We offer SMART VENTS because they are the most advanced flood protection on the market.  

SMART VENT products are one of the only flood venting systems that are accepted by FEMA and are compliant with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations. 

SMART VENT is a Certified Flood Vent by ICC-ES*.  SMART VENTs offer many series that perform various functions from flood protection and natural air ventilation to the Insulated FLOOD VENT series.  SMART VENTS dual function vents allow air to flow through the louvers by automatically opening and closing depending on the temperature.  SMART VENTS are flood vents that allow the entry and exit of floodwaters through a 3-inch opening. These vents automatically tip when there is severe water pressure due to storms or flooding.

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