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Side Wall Insulation

Sidewall insulation acts as a barrier against external airflow infiltrating through cinder block walls. This insulation serves to thwart the intrusion of moisture, which could otherwise seep through the sidewalls and elevate moisture levels within the crawlspace. 

In cases where crawlspaces are constructed on grade, leaving foundation walls exposed to the elements, insulating the exterior sidewalls becomes essential. This insulation effectively mitigates airflow, ensuring year-round comfort within the home.

Furthermore, sidewall insulation complements the encapsulation process of the crawlspace by effectively isolating it from external elements. Reducing moisture levels prevents the development of organic decay fungi, thereby contributing to a healthier crawlspace environment.

Sidewall insulation by CrawlspaceSolutionsNJ

Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Rigid foam board insulation is custom-fitted to the height of your crawlspace walls. It is installed along the exterior-facing sidewalls in the crawlspace and helps to seal out the elements from entering the crawlspace.

Sealing Crawlspace Vents

Part of the encapsulation process is to seal off all existing openings, such as crawlspace vents or windows, with foam board insulation. This technique is implemented to help keep water intrusion out and reduce the moisture content in the crawlspace.

Sealed Vents by CrawlspaceSolutionsNJ

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