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Temp-Vents® are aesthetically more appealing than the builder's preinstalled foundation vents that came with the property. They fully function without electricity so there are no energy costs and no need to worry about manually opening and closing these vents. Temp-Vents fully automatically close according to the temperature. 

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When should you ventilate your crawlspace? 

An improperly ventilated crawlspace can provide a source of moisture that can lead to mold, mildew, fungus, and even structural decay.  A crawlspace can foster environments that lead to severe health issues, environmental moisture problems, and increased heating and cooling costs.  Proper ventilation of your crawl space is essential to avoid these moisture-related issues when the crawlspace is not sealed off or fully encapsulated, termed crawlspace encapsulation.


Adequate ventilation in a crawl space should provide ventilation when the temperature averages 70 degrees and close when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  For effective ventilation management, we use automatic vents by Temp-Vents.  These vents open and close according to the temperatures recommended and are a professional-grade product in that they are superior in quality and durability compared to the over-the-counter vents found in your average home supply store.  Once installed the Temp-Vents do all the work for you.  No need to worry about the temperature outside.


You can improve the ventilation in your crawl space by having a professional at Crawlspace Solutions come out and perform a full inspection of your home’s exterior foundation and crawl space interior to learn whether these vents will suit your needs.  

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