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James "Jimmy" D'Amico

James D’Amico, owner and founder of Crawlspace Solutions, LLC, started as a termite and pest control company in 1987 as D’Amico Termite & Pest Control.  James D’Amico grew up on the Jersey shore and has developed practical and affordable solutions to properly address the individual issues affecting each individual property. Part of the evolution stems from the array of services implemented due to a deep understanding of the problems encountered and the extensive level of experience he’s acquired throughout his years in the field.  .So whether it's for a residential property, investment property, or commercial property, you can rest assured that Crawlspace Solutions guided by James D'Amico can handle your particular situation.  There's no issue that we can't provide a solution to when it comes to addressing your crawlspace needs. 


“Growing up along the Jersey Shore, I have a great appreciation of our oceans and the environment.  We started using alternative methods to control insects in 1989 that have less impact on our environment and make us more responsible as a company.  It was while servicing our customers that we quickly realized that most of the problems in pest infiltration and infestation stemmed from poor conditions in crawl spaces.   From that point on, the company evolved and expanded its services from a licensed chemical applicator in wood-destroying insects, specifically tackling termites, pests, and insects to a wood-destroying organism that addresses moisture, mold, decay, and fungi. 


We knew that changing the environment in the crawl space through sanitation, debris removal, installing vapor barriers, and performing crawl space inspections meant that we were attacking the cause and not just treating the symptoms.  Working this way meant that we could use fewer chemicals and more alternative methods.  Using alternative methods keeps our waters cleaner and our customers happy. 


Also, it is important to note that education and participation is a key part of the process.  By educating homeowners on how to keep a healthy environment in their crawl space we can work together in eliminating the problem and keeping it at bay.” (James D’Amico 2013)


We are here to provide our customers with an environmentally sound and healthy crawlspace environment.  Our approach is to provide a custom approach that is specifically tailored to your crawlspace needs.  Our goal is to educate and guide you on the right path to help improve the overall health of your home.  At Crawl Space Solutions, we are here to S.E.R.V.E.:


  • SATISFACTION: We guarantee your satisfaction. The full scope of your crawlspace project is documented and provided in a digital format via pdf within 24-48 hours* from job completion. So, whether you are home, at work, traveling, or away, you can see the full extent of your project from wherever you may be. This is ideal for second homeowners aka "Summer homes" or investors. 


  • EXCEPTIONAL: We are devoted to providing you with professional quality service from beginning to end. You will always be able to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are a small family-owned business and offer a hands-on approach with a white glove service. 


  • REASONABLE: All our prices are fair and reasonable for the quality of work and service we provide. You can rest assured you will receive great services and products at the best prices backed by our annual lifetime warranty** on workmanship.


  • VALUE:  We value our relationship with our customers, which is why we have built a steady customer base and impeccable reputation for the number of years we have been in business. We treat your property as if it were our very own and ensure that the quality of workmanship, service, and value is provided with each project. 


  • ENVIRONMENT: As licensed technicians, our focus is on targeting the underlying issues at its core in order to prevent wood-destroying insects and organic decay fungi or mold to thrive. We offer a full range of energy-efficient products and services to help reduce energy consumption and prevent structural damage. The combination of our services allows us to reduce our use of heavy chemical application products found in most pest control chemicals. In turn, this makes for a safer and healthier home environment for you and your family!

*All service reports are generally provided within 24-48 hours of job completion provided the account is satisfied. Does not include weekends. 

**Lifetime warranty must be renewed annually with a crawlspace inspection service (CSI) or the warranty will expire on or after the anniversary date of service. 

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