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Automatic Vents 

 Crawlspace Foundation Vents 

Foundation vents are commonly found alongside the foundation walls of properties built over a crawlspace.  These crawlspace vents have rectangular shapes with screened louvers meant to open and close.  However, not knowing when to open and close your crawlspace vents can pose a problem, especially when the property is an investment property or a second home, where you only visit during a particular time of year.  


Most existing crawlspace vents are louver vents that were installed by the builder.  These louver vents are manual vents, meaning you have to open and close them manually throughout the year.  It is generally common to close your crawlspace vents during the winter season and open them during warmer climates for residents in New Jersey.

SMART Flood Vents

SMART Flood Vents are automatic venting systems that are manufactured specifically for flood zone regions.  SMART Vents are accepted  FEMA compliant to Building Code regulations. SMART Flood Vents can help lower your flood insurance. For further information, feel free to contact us and forward your elevation certificate. As authorized SMART Vent installers, we can help assess the requirements needed for code compliance.

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Temp-Vents® automatically opens and closes according to the elements. There is no electricity needed. These vents are ideal in areas where the crawlspace is generally dry throughout the year, which allows the crawlspace to be ventilated throughout the year. 


One important thing you should keep in mind is that annual maintenance is always imperative and key to maintaining the integrity of your property.  Therefore, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide a full service even after project completion, we also offer an annual vent service.  This helps ensure there are no issues present that may hinder the vents from operating as they should.


Additionally, having your vents checked yearly or semi-annually can help ensure your automatic crawlspace vents function properly year-round.  


To help maintain your automatic crawlspace vents, we offer an annual vent service for all our customers with whom we have previously installed the above-referenced vents. To schedule your vent service, please log in to your Members Only page and book your annual vent service today!

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