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Crawlspace Services

Full List of Crawlspace Services

Mold Treatment & Prevention

As crawlspace mold specialists, we have a skillful eye for identifying organic decay fungi or mold-like substances in the crawlspace. Mold-like substance comes in many different forms, which range from surface organic fungi to wood rot and wood decay. It is important to identify correctly in order to implement the proper treatment process. A thorough inspection is required. No assessment can be made without an onsite inspection.

Organic Decay Fungi Documented by Crawlspace Solutions NJ
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Water Damage, Contamination, & Odor Removal

Water intrusion, pipe leaks, condensation, and pest infestation happen more often than you think. Knowing when to have the crawlspace assessed is important. Musty odors are often a clue but not everyone is sensitive and the issue may linger on longer than it should. Annual or seasonal inspections may be necessary to ward off costly expenses. Sometimes it could be something as simple as redirecting your gutter spouts.

Clean-out &

Cart Away

Cleaning out the crawlspace by clearing all debris, rotten insulation, or contaminated barrier is the first step in changing the crawlspace environment. Insulation that is rotted or contaminated offers no insulation factor. Additionally, insulation installed incorrectly bears no insulating benefits. Our clean-out services include clearing out the entire crawlspace of all existing debris and carting away to the local county landfill for proper disposal.

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Full Insulation Services

We offer a complete range of insulation services according to your crawlspace insulation needs. Insulation offers the best insulating benefits, which help reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. It is essential to ensure you are hiring a skilled professional to install your insulation. Installed incorrectly will cost you more and void the insulating benefits to your home.

Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier, also known as a vapor retarder or moisture barrier, helps prevent moisture from rising up from the ground. This helps to reduce moisture content in the crawlspace and protects the wood structures within by preventing condensation and moisture issues that cause organic decay fungi. An exposed crawlspace generally requires a vapor barrier to help reduce and/or eliminate moisture content within. Most properties along the Jersey Shore suffer from high moisture content in the crawlspace making a vapor barrier a key focal point in targeting moisture issues within.

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Automatic Crawlspace Vents

There are two types of crawlspace vents we offer. One type is called Temp-Vents, which are automatic crawlspace vents that open and close according to the elements. No electricity is needed as they operate automatically according to outside temperatures. The other helps lower your flood insurance premiums, provided your property is in a flood zone. These are called SMART Flood Vents. These flood vents are FEMA accepted and help protect your foundation during a flood.

Crawlspace Doors, Covers, & Wells

Custom crawlspace door(s), cover(s), and well installations are available with a complete crawlspace project service. All doors and covers are custom-fit utilizing Azek. Azek is a maintenance-free vinyl material that is durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing.

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