Why pay for a crawlspace inspection?

What is the difference between paying for a crawlspace inspection service and not paying? Is an estimate really free? What are the consequences of not paying for your crawlspace inspection?

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As crawlspace and mold specialists serving the Jersey Shore for just over 35 years, when it comes to crawlspaces, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. There isn't much that can surprise us by now. When you've been in the industry this long, you get a good understanding of the environmental conditions in the crawlspace and the usual suspects that triggers an adverse effect that can lead to costly consequences overtime.

If you've never lived over a crawlspace before or are not well-versed with the common issues that may be present in a crawlspace but are starting to smell a musty odor or think there are pests in your crawlspace, then it's a good idea to start the process with a crawlspace inspection service.

Have your crawlspace inspected a pro

The first step to starting the process is to learn from an experienced professional in the field. Otherwise, how will you know what issues are present? and if the information you obtain from a free estimate is accurate? A salesman arriving to give you a free estimate may provide you with a generic quote that benefits them and not you.

We live in an age where everybody googles everything. And although it's easy to lookup information these days. How do you know which information applies to your specific crawlspace issues? A web search may provide you with a slew of information that is often conflicting, such as ventilate your crawlspace or don't ventilate your crawlspace. This is because the information is based on several factors that can range drastically according to location, home structure, elevation levels, among other variables.

Learn the basics

With Crawlspace Solutions, you will be educated on the environmental conditions that affect your crawlspace and learn which solutions apply to you and why. We tailor our professional recommendations for each property. There is no one program that fits all because there is no one property that is identical to the other. For example, your neighbor's crawlspace may be dry, where ventilating the crawlspace works well for their crawlspace environment. However, you may have a high-water table, or your property is built below-grade and require a different method due to the high moisture content within.

" Called Jimmy D’Amico and he inspected our shore rental property in Ocean City, NJ. Found we needed Crawlspace encapsulated and did not have water/mold problem. Jimmy was able to get the project done in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with. Service from this company was prompt and professional. We received before and after photos and a report. Even thought we did not meet in person, Jimmy called, texted when on the property and took the time to answer any questions we had. Highly recommend Crawlspace Solutions!." – D. Mitchell

Making an informed decision

Becoming an informed consumer starts with an understanding of the issues at hand and learning what steps you need to take in order to ensure a good outcome. That is why we bill you for a thorough crawlspace inspection service so that you can make an informed decision. Because it's important to get it right the first time or it may be more costly to have to do your crawlspace project over again because of lack of due diligence or failure to become properly informed.

In our experience, when we get calls complaining about a crawlspace service that was performed by another company, the caller did not have a good understanding of what they were getting for the thousands of dollars they paid. Or maybe they really did not understand what was needed to change the crawlspace environment to a healthy one. And instead, were sold on services that they did not actually need. This has happened more often than we care to mention and is very disturbing. That is why, when finding the right contractor, price should not be the only objective. Because in the end, you get what you paid for.

Start Your Crawlspace Process Right

Ready to schedule your crawlspace and start your process on the right track, give us a call or visit us online. You can either fill-out the contact form, book your crawlspace inspection on our website directly or give us a call.

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