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About Us


As crawlspace & mold specialists, our expertise is an accumulation of the skills and education obtained together with the number of years in business and the long list of properties we've serviced. There aren't many others in the Garden State that can compare in this space. 

Since 1987, the company, guided by founder and owner James D’Amico, has provided moisture management solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout the Jersey Shore.  We have built our business through experience, integrity, honesty, and diligence.  We began as a pest control company assessing conditions that attracted pests to the home.  

By 1989, we developed an integrated pest and moisture management system that expanded our services to target the underlying issues present in the crawlspace environment.  Our ability to practice chemical application solutions in a safe and effective manner by targeting the main conditions causing these issues has resulted in reducing our environmental impact for a safer home environment for the customer. 

As we realized that a successful pest control service required addressing the environmental conditions within. We were able to provide a more effective program that began with a customized approach, in order to tackle specific conditions inherent to a property.  The results were transformative as thousands of properties we serviced have benefited from a successful outcome. Our main objective is to change the crawlspace environment in order to provide a healthier home environment from the ground up.

Together with our efforts in practicing integrated pest control solutions and moisture management solutions have helped to reduce the need to use chemicals by making it less conducive to insects and moisture problems.  The objective is to help minimize insect infestation and maintain a healthy and energy-efficient home.

Some of our longstanding loyal customers know us as D’Amico Termite & Pest Control and have been with us over the years as we evolved as a company.  Moreover, as the extent of our services expanded, we thought it would be more impactful to change our business trade name. Crawl Space Solutions is a registered trade name in the State of New Jersey and the only company practicing under this trade name in the state since 2010.


 As such, we hope to cover the broad range of services we offer with a more identifiable name that establishes us in the same way D’Amico Termite & Pest Control was recognized by our longtime customers as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable. Crawlspace Solutions.

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Our Team

We are fully committed to serving you.


Our team is dedicated, hardworking, professional, and competent. They know that in order to achieve high-quality standards each project must be completed with diligence and care.


And that's why we take pride in our work in order to ensure our customers are happy with the end results.


Further, we understand that accountability is an important part of customer service.  This is why you can rest assured that if something doesn't go as planned, you can always reach out to us day/night to make things right!


At Crawlspace Solutions, you can count on us to provide you with a thorough service every step of the way.  


Let us show you the type of service and value we bring.  

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